Thursday, February 21, 2013

We got our new side-by-side stroller!!

We got our new side by side stroller today!!!

First I have to tell you that Ladybug just started saying "Zoo" this week. We go to the zoo multiple times a week and, it was either Monday or Tuesday, she said "bye byes, zoo" (meaning she wanted to go to the zoo). So we went.
Last week I knew we needed to get a side by side stroller because M is getting too big to want to stay in the back (she can't see that great back there) of our tandem stroller. But if I put Ladybug back there, she's so tall, that she has to put her feet out to the side to sit some what comfortably. I ordered a new stroller Saturday night...
After lots of research and reading lots of reviews!!! I was looking for very specific things. A side by side double stroller that was easy to load and unload, something that folded small enough to fit in my compact car (that I had at the time), I wanted cup holders for Daddy and myself, as well as for the kids. I was hoping for a tray table for the littles. I needed ample storage space. This stroller didn't fit  all of the criteria I was looking for BUT from everything I looked at, I was very excited about this one. The Joovy Scooter X2 Double side by side stroller! Oh and the sun shade is huge. I love it!
Back to my story, So this morning (in October 2011),  we look up UPS tracking and discovered the stroller was on a UPS truck and would be delivered today. I couldn't wait to take it out for a spin! I just wanted to see how the girls reacted to sitting next to each other... I knew they were going to love it!
Before Daddy even left for work, Ladybug was already saying, "bye byes, zoo" I said, "yes baby, we'll go to the zoo later. But when Daddy left for wk, it was pouring down rain! Late afternoon it was here, the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Side by Side Stroller. It was like someone delivered gold to my house. I was so excited about it!
We  began putting it together, I say we... I think it would have went faster if it would've been, just me, but the girls were so cute. I texted pictures to Daddy at wk of them holding wheels, etc Later he told me how much those pictures were making him laugh... There's no way he would have made it through assembling that stroller in the same room as them (the wheel thieves). I had no choice though because I wanted it done right then!! As soon as I was finished, I asked Ladybug if she wanted to sit in her new stroller, she said yes. I let her pick what side she wanted. I sat her in it and she said, "nite nite" So cute. Oh, and the seats lay down flat!
I started to get them dressed and ready to leave. It wasn't that pretty of a day, but we were dress for the weather and off we went. In the car, we were talking about the animals we were going to see at the zoo. Her favorite at the moment is the "affe" (giraffe) then the "Ion" (lion) when she was M's age, it was the monkeys and the elephants. M's favorite animal right now is the bears, and I believe it's because they remind her of our dogs.
They both fell asleep in the car.
I got Ladybug out of the car first, she actually stayed asleep through me taking her out of the car and putting her in the new stroller... My favorite part is when she did wake up, we were still in the parking lot of the zoo, and her reaction was, "oooooooooooohhhhh, zooooooo". This is so much better if you could actually hear it!!!! She was so excited, then she looked next to her and there sat M. I think at that point, they interacted with each other more than they paid attention to the fact that they were at the, zooooooooooo!
The stroller, great success!! Oh, and the biggest thing, is that it fit in my car so easy!!!

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