Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recent changes we've noticed since the last week of October

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
There have been so many changes in the way Ladybug has been talking from the last week of October to now! She started putting words together that week and now she is putting possession to those words. Watching the progression of this whole process of talking and learning and growing has been totally amazing!
For awhile when we would be in the car, she would say "Ready" when she was ready to get out of the car! Typically very cute! Although, sometimes when she's tired, crying and saying "Ready" with the big crocodile tears falling down her little cheeks, is heartbreaking! But this week, she started a role call. The first ready is typically for herself. During this time, she still wasn't saying her own name. "Mommy ready?", "Daddy ready?", "Monkey Ready?" although she calls her (Monkey) by her real name. Then during one of the car rides she threw out a "Mommy Daddy ready?" We looked at each other and were like, "Did you hear that?" She is figuring all of this out so quickly!

From then, getting to today, her putting 2-3 words together is nothing! New words and new phrases are rolling off of her tongue everyday. She also starting to repeat everything as well as repeating everyone's names. Even the dogs!

She loves the sucker fish in our aquarium. She also is big on the work LOOK!!! There are some things she gets so excited about and we get a "LOOK LOOK LOOK" then it's "Monkey, Monkey" because she wants her to see everything too! Which is also good! Also, if I'm feeding her, or doing something to her, giving her something, she immediately points to Monkey to make she she gets the same. It's great she thinks of her sister like she does. We can only hope the remain as close as they are now throughout their lives!

One change in a routine she has started in the last week is sometimes (almost every night) instead of falling asleep laying with me on the love seat (like we have every night forever) she wants me to take her back to the bedroom and lay down in the bed with her and let her fall asleep on her own. This is a good thing, especially if it continues to go like it did tonight! Tonight I was in and out of the bedroom in 20 min. OUR LITTLE BABY IS GROWING UP ... It makes me happy, but it makes me sad!

Monkey is still continuing to climb! She's also starting to point at everything. She is still furniture walking and walking all over the place with walking toys (I think the grocery cart may be her favorite thing to walk with). She'll walk from one side of the room to the other, walk to the other side of the grocery cart and walk back across the room. Also, on Monday November 7, 2011, she followed a command other than "Come here" which sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't... but if you tell her to "Reach for the sky" she will smile such a cute smile, scrunch up her nose and reach both hands up in the air. It is so so very cute! Last night while sleeping next to Daddy in our bed, she scooted herself up to where her head was laying on the pillow and she slept for quite awhile like that. Daddy loved it. When he was telling me about it, I told him I remember when Ladybug started doing that and she still sleeps like that quite often.
These girls are getting so big!

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