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Catching up ...

December 19, 2012 

I have fallen behind with blogging. There are so many things happening these days, I hope I can think of everything to include. I suppose I'll start with today and work my way back. This morning we worked on writing capital letters. This was only the second time we have done this in the last month. The first time, it didn't go so well. Today watching L write, you would have thought she had done it several times. It is new to her and she is excited about it! She concentrates so hard while she is working on her letters!! She wants to do good and she is so proud of herself when she does it well!

THEN HER FOOT FELL ASLEEP... that's never happened before!  While we were sitting at the kitchen table writing her letters, at one point, L was sitting on her knees. All of a sudden she tells me there is something moving on  her foot. I looked at it and didn't see anything. She insisted something was moving all over, I still didn't see anything. I asked her if she was just sitting on her knees, when she confirmed what I was thinking, I gently squeezed her foot and tried to explain to her that her foot fell asleep and what she was feeling was her foot tingling!! Not such an easy thing to explain. She didn't like this feeling at all!

Yesterday L looked at M before we ate lunch and said, "I want you to eat your vegetables for you to be healthy and grow big like me. I'm going to eat my vegetables and be big like Mommy. I want you to grow big because I love you!" I thought this was the sweetest thing! L has been openly expressing her love lately. Saying things like, "I love you more than all the times for always!" (I always tell her that I love her more than I could ever tell her... Her way of saying it is, "I love you more than all the times for always"... I LOVE THIS!!

Yesterday L told me that she loves when I teach her things. I asked her if there was something that she wanted me to teach her, she said, "Yes, Santa Claus is Coming To Town". There is nothing I love more than hearing them sing! I could listen to them sing all day!
L loves to know the schedule and what we are going to be doing throughout the day... she likes to know this ahead of time. I like we may have a little planner on our hands, just like her Mommy!

They are both very excited for Christmas. Counting down (We have a nutcracker and a snowman that we change the numbers daily to countdown). They are very excited about Santa! All of the fears of being scared of him in the past is long gone! They have specifically seen him 3 times (not counting the times that we've just walked passed him in the malls). 

Driving to see Santa the morning after Thanksgiving, Daddy asked me how I thought it was going to go. I wasn't sure at the time. But from the get go, they were both in awe. Smiling from ear to ear, talking nonstop, and not wanting to leave him! Poor M couldn't get a word in... They were so excited after as well. When they would look at the picture of them with Santa, they tell me is it their favorite picture. I love it. That night, we brought out our Elf of The Shelf. 

L named our Elf on the Shelf Tutu. Tutu was doing some fun things. The first light she was hanging on a swing from the ceiling fan (and she brought presents), then she laid on top of a ceiling fan blade (they did not like this), Tutu rearranged their rooms, getting rid of the cribs and transforming them into toddler beds... and then Tutu wrote on the bathroom mirror. L was very serious about the mirror and said, "Mommy, Tutu is bad or somepin     (this is the way she says "something"), Tutu doesn't make good decisions. We should talk to Santa and Santa can talk to her when she goes to the North Pole tonight. Can we talk to Santa? Can we go see him?" ... so I took them to go talk to Santa about Tutu. I do wish I had this on video. It was so incredibly cute! I did walk up to Santa before this conversation to give him a heads up... I'm sure this isn't a normal conversation for the average Santa at the mall. 

I've been wanting to baby journal/blog for days, thinking that I need to put some things down so we won't forget. Even today while we were driving, things were coming to mind. I'm going to have to start making myself notes again because now that I'm sitting here doing this, my mind is drawing a blank!

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