Thursday, February 21, 2013

I've been in a state of bliss, although it's tiring!

October 2011
I was taking to another mom, and she said, watching her baby grow and learn is the greatest thing she's ever done. I TOTALLY AGREE... And I've done some cool stuff (bartender on a cruise ship, I was a flight attendant, extensive traveling)  But this is by far, the greatest time of my life. I do have a great husband and 2 beautiful and amazing baby girls! Spending my time with them is all I need! It's what I want to do. Being a stay at home mom is the most wonderful "gift" my husband could have ever given me! I'm grateful every day for it!
Right now it seems like every day that goes by Ladybug is saying a new word. I get so excited to hear her say something new! Daddy and I love the way she says EVERYTHING. She had the sweetest voice, the best expressions, the best smile, she's such a happy baby. She has a big heart. She celebrates when Monkey does something new too. She gets excited for Monkey when she walks with toys, she loves hugging and kissing her, wants to comfort her when she cries. Shares things with her (of course she needs to be reminded sometimes). I'm a little unrealistic, because I want to capture every new thing on video, when she says something new I want her to repeat it 20 times so I can get it on camera.
Monkey is going to be walking before the year is over. Her smile has changed twice in the last month. The end of last week she started scrunching up her noise just like I always do. It is actually really endearing for me to see. She smiles at everyone! Has the sweetest look when she looks at me. I would swear both babies can see right into my soul.
Funny thing, when Ladybug was born, I didn't want to be called Mommy, I wanted to be called Mama. I don't know why, just personal preference. I made sure everyone knew too!  I told my mom, if L decides that she wants to call me Mommy, then that's ok, but if I had my choice, I would choose Mama. About 5 weeks ago, I told Daddy, "I think she's been trying to say Mommy".The strange thing is, when she says it, it sounds like she has a British accent. Then it turned into the most perfect little, sweet sounding, anything I've ever heard! I love when she says it and now she says it all of the time.
From words from Ladybug to looks and gestures from Monkey, I feel like my heart melts a million times  every day.

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