Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
The day started with Ladybug asking over and over if we were going to the zoo and us saying over and over that we were going to the pumpkin patch! Yesterday she started saying "Pumpkin Patch" out comes out pun-kin of course and I love it!! The four of us looked back at our Shutterfly book from last fall. Unbelievable how small she was, how pregnant I was, and how cute she was in her Ladybug Halloween costume!
Daddy went to sleep for another hour and we were going to leave as soon as I woke him up and he got ready. Fifty minutes later, lunches and snack were made, babies were dressed, I was ready, I walked out of the room for less than a minute (now I don't even remember for what) When I walked back in, Monkey is holding an opened teryaki bottle Ladybug had the lid, brand new shirts were stained, a baby doll and a small part of the carpet was covered with the sauce (that I didn't even realize was left in the living room)! I abruptly woke Daddy up, 10 minutes early, with a "You have to get up RIGHT NOW!!" He's cleaning the carpet, I'm getting the stains out of the shirts. I rarely dress the girls alike, But those WERE the shirts they were going to wear!!!
Ladybug had a huge melt down when we first got to the Orchards. We were trying to get some of the same pictures that we took last year (because they are still some of our favorites). But it wasn't happening. I beat myself up for a few minutes because I forgot the oragel. I'm normally supermom when it comes to packing! But today I forgot something so important. For a minute I wanted to cry, because I was looking so forward to this day, and I was sure at that point, that it was going to be horrible. She had a melt down and her teeth were hurting and there was nothing I could do. Daddy helped make me less stressed, we took a few minutes, sat down, had lunch, played in lots of leaves, had fun taking some pictures and from that point on, the day was SO SO MUCH FUN!!
We fed some goats. Ladybug was feeding them leaves, she was loving it! Monkey was laughing, squealing and just loving the interaction with the animals! Then came the the poopy... a bird pooped on Mommy... It was PURPLE! Gross! Thank goodness for wipes and sanitizer! Ladybug ran around and around all over was having a blast. Then we got to the giant slides. I went down with Ladybug the first time, then with Daddy waiting at the bottom, I let her slide down by herself. She kept wanting to do it over and over. Daddy guesses the slide was about 50 feet, I guessed about 75 feet, so somewhere in there! I went down with Monkey, she was a little indifferent. But she'll love it next year.
Next, on to the Bamboo Maze... We got pretty lost in it last year. Believe it or not, Ladybug led the way and she got us to the end, not lost at all! Of course that's the way it goes! :)
Then to the pony rides (which was a full grown horse) but I couldn't get on with them??? I don't understand that. The sign said you havce to be 70 lbs or less??BUT IT WAS A FULL GROWN HORSE. Well at first Ladybug wouldn't get on the "pony" ... But our fearless Little Monkey sat right up there and just smiled! We got some pictures. After seeing Monkey do it, maybe Ladybug felt like she was missing out, and she sat on the horse, we did our photo shoot and moved on. I knew Ladybug wouldn't ride it. I think Monkey would have but it would have made me nervous.
On to the Pun-kin Patch we go. They were both getting sleepy at this point, but once we got off the wagon that took us out to the Pumpkin Patch, Ladybug got a second wind. She walked all over the place saying "Pun-kin" pointing to them, patting them, she hugged a couple, tried to pick some up. She was drawn to the white pumpkins for some reason. Monkey was having a lot of fun in the Pumpkin Patch too, pulling on vines, she was standing herself up next to the pumpkins, trying to walk around one of our pumpkins once she stood herself up. We got lots of awesome pics through out the day, lots of pictures picking out our pumpkins, and pictures with the pumpkins we picked.
Going in to pay for them, we got a couple of treats. These babies rarely get sweets. But Ladybug got a big chocolate chip cookie, she enjoyed ever bite. She had chocolate all over her face and all over her shirt. Mommy and Daddy got some wine from the winery to enjoy after the babies go to sleep, and for our anniversary this week!
This is by far my favorite week of each year! Daddy takes this week off work every year and I feel like we're starting some excellent traditions! It's always a special week. I tell him, I don't know why, but it feels to me liked this week is my week. I plan lots of fun fall things to do. We're carving the pumpkins tommorrow, we got home so late tonight. All four of us were exhausted!
What a great day!!!

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