Thursday, February 21, 2013

M's had a bad week!! It was horrible!!

Monkey's had a bad week

It was Tuesday November 8, 2011 that Monkey was standing next to her activity block and somehow lost her balance, let go or something and went forward and hit her face and bruised her cheek. The bruise looked awful and we couldn't wait for it to go away! Little did we know that this bruise was the beginning of a really bad week for her!

Thursday Nov 10th, Daddy was home during the day because he was working a weird third shift that night. That afternoon we were in the living room and the girls were playing... I had brought the rocking caterpillar back in the living room (I rotate their toys in and out so they're not playing with the same things all of the time). Ladybug was on the caterpillar rocking back and forth. Monkey decides she was going to use the caterpillar to pull herself up to stand. Daddy and I both saw this, but before we could do anything, it was too late! Daddy thought she bumped her forehead and I thought she bumped her cheek. I picked her up, looked her over, and held her close to comfort her. She didn't cry for very long at all. All was well at the time, but a little later, I had the girls in the bathtub... While washing Monkey's face I noticed a huge knot on her right eyebrow... Right above her dark bruise from Tuesday! The knot was huge! I called the doctor to ask if it was ok to put ice on a 10 month old. I told them what happened and that she seemed fine! They told me some things to watch for, that I could put ice on it and that she could end up with a black eye! Luckily the next morning it looked okay!

During our morning routine Friday morning, I was changing Ladybug's diaper, Monkey was holding the bottle of children's Zyrtec ( that has a child proof cap on it) and faster than anything (I did not notice this happening) but she got the bottle open and she was a sticky mess! All of her clothes, the bottle, her hands, the carpet were sticky! Her face was not sticky and her breath did not smell sweet. I was sure she did not drink any, but to be safe, once again I had to call the doctor. It feels like a big mommy fail! But they said with that medicine, she would be okay if she got some of it! That she could get extra sleepy or wired! I went into our bedroom with her where Daddy was sleeping crying because I just felt horrible because she had done something every day this week ...  AND I WATCH THESE BABIES SO CAREFULLY! I thought she could have possibly been poisoned from the medicine, overdosed or whatever and that I was a horrible mom!

Saturday was the big kicker though! It was just me and the girls at home and Monkey was up to her tricks! She was over by the bricks on the fireplace ( which all but about 2 inches are padded and covered) I just didn't get to her fast enough! She was starting to climb, she wasn't even up all the way. She lost her balance and busted her ear on the brick. She cried for a min. Her face looked good. She fell asleep while I was holding her. She woke up about 30 min later and there was blood on her blanket. I looked her over and her ear was as dark as the night with black blood coming out of it and it was BIG! In no time at all I was getting them dressed and calling Daddy at work to let him know we were on our way to the Pediatric Immediate Care Center. While I was filling out the parer work, I could tell Monkey went poopy. They took us back pretty quickly. I began changing her diaper, there was poopy all the way up her back. I had to take her onesie and pants off! I had extra pants in the diaper bag, but no extra shirt. I had to ask an employee to go to my car to get a blanket because now I had to take her home just in a diaper (It was insanely cold outside). On the was home, everyone was crying. The girls because it was past their bedtime and they were tired and me because I felt like the worst mom ever!!

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