Friday, February 22, 2013

The Perfect Pacifier Replacement

Goofy ... The Perfect Replacement!

She was very excited to head out to The Disney Store! But no one, not even Mommy, knew what kind of bond she would develop with Goofy! I am so happy this all turn out the way that it did!

I let her out of the stroller by the big mound of stuffed animals in the back of The Disney Store ... she went straight to Goofy, held him up to show me and said, "This in living room." I said, "Of course he can go home with us. We came here just to get him. Put him in the stroller and if you wanted to look around some more you can!"

She did put Goofy in the stroller, although she tried out some other things to see if she wanted them instead. I would ask her if she wanted those things and she would tell me that she wanted Goofy in our living room.

When we got home, she held him up to show him the living room. She showed him (and told him the names of our dogs) ... it was like she was showing him his new house. There was a time when she slept with Llama Llama, then she went through 8+ months where she would take Owl in the car when we went places and she would also sleep with him. BUT THIS IS SO DIFFERENT! s
She doesn't just snuggle Goofy while sleeping, she spends her day with him. She rarely puts him down! If she doesn't have him and doesn't see him. She'll say, "Where's Goofy?" She will look and look for him, but he's never far away! 

There was one day that he got dirty from playing outside and when I was going to give him a bath (Put him in the washer, she cried and cried)... we now have 2 ( a very much needed back-up Goofy) She doesn't do much without him. If we go someplace and she has to leave him in the car, sometimes she will say, "Bye bye Goofy, See you next time!" or sometimes she will put him to the side (face down) and say, "Nite nite Goofy." 

She falls asleep with him ... Sometimes she'll hold him up to show him where we are going while we are driving in the car ... He goes for walks with us (often she carries him around by his ear) ... She "teaches" him to do everything (from sliding down a slide to walking) ... It is so cute, after he slides, she'll go around to the front, bends over, claps her hands for him and says, "YEAH GOOFY!" I am so happy she has this bond, a snuggling security buddy. It's not her special lovey that I had handmade, but I think this is even better!

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  1. Did your little ones gravitate toward anything as a replacement for their pacifiers?