Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three words in a row and a climber!

October 18, 2011
We'll first I have to say that last week, I  made cookies with my girls for the first time and we had a lot of fun. I have so many memories of doing things like this with my mom. I want the same memories for my girls! We made Oatmeal cookies. Now Ladybug will say, "too-ties", I wish I could record every new word she says! I just love how they all come out! Now she's saying M's name. Today we were folding laundry and she kept holding up different pieces of her sisters clothes and saying her sisters name. She knows what belongs to who!! She's so smart.
Okay, I started writing this on Monday October 17, 2011. So M... Our Little Monkey, started climbing on Saturday. She's been climbing on the bricks in front of our fireplace (those bricks are padded very well, have been for quite awhile now!) On Monday I was changing Ladybug's diaper and I looked up when I was finished with the huge, very poopy diaper and our Monkey had one leg on her activity table and one leg on the coffee table. I do believe I got about 40 grey hairs that day!
My favorite things right now are hearing Ladybug's speech develop. Daddy and I both absolutely love hearing her talk! Also When Ladybug is falling asleep, she will rub and rub my arm in such a sweet way! Did she get this from me rubbing her face or back while she's falling asleep? I'm not sure. Speaking of that, she will take my hand sometimes when she is falling asleep and put it on her face for me to rub it. When Monkey is falling asleep with Daddy, she opens and closes her hands over Daddy's chest hair (although at times pulling it)... this is one of Daddy's favorite things!  As for Monkey, some of my favorite things are watching her explore, crawling, cruising (furniture walking),  and of course the climbing. Actually it's her facial expressions when she sees that I see her, after she climbed on something. She has the cutest smile and she just LOOKS SO PROUD about what she had just done.
Seriously, I don't want to forget any of these times! I wish I would've started blogging many many months ago!!
One more thing... Ladybug has naturally curly hair and with the curls it's not really long but long enough to need something in her hair (it's a bit unruly right now) we're working on keeping barrettes and bows in her hair. On Sunday I bought some small pony tail holders and she is the cutest with those pig tails in her hair!!! THE CUTEST!!

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