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Ending an Amazing Year...

Saturday, December 31, 2011
It's been a four weeks since I've blogged last. Ladybug is talking like crazy! Just a few weeks ago I was transferring videos from my phone to cd's so we have them forever and I couldn't believe some of the early videos of Ladybug talking. In June/July she was just saying "YES" and "OWL" and things like that. I love the way her words come out when she's first learning them, then to hear the changes as she says those things more often and they become more clear.
Now she's repeating everything and one of my favorite things is when she says, "Oh my goodness", and she knows I get a kick out of it when she says it. It was out of the blue when she first said it too. She uses the fact that I get a kick out of hearing her say that, she uses that against me when it's bedtime and she doesn't want to go to sleep. I can't help but to smile and laugh a little. The other thing she does to keep herself awake is count. She also knows I can't help but to praise her when she does a good job counting. She can count to 8 by herself (at 22 months old), she knows all the numbers up to 13 but sometimes skips numbers when she counts this high.
It's amazing the things she pays attention to that I do. Well starting with repeating phrases like, "Oh my goodness", to today she was playing with her cozy coupe that Hannah got for Christmas, and before she opened it's door to get inside, she sat her juice cup on top of the car. I do this every time I open her door to put her into her car seat. It's amazing!
She also is so good with her animal noises!  She knows what animal says what and their sounds. She can do it backwards too (I mean she can also make the noises and tell you what animal makes those noises). At the moment, Owl still remains her favorite! But Elephant runs a close second! (along with Llama Llama, he's never lost it, although he is a little less popular since she's learned her love for Owls!) (I'm talking about stuffed animals that she likes to snuggle).
She talks about "wearing panties" and is interested in the potty, although isn't always interested in sitting on the potty.
THIS WILL NOT MEAN ANYTHING TO MOST PEOPLE: Right now her favorite dvd is So Smart House (she calls it Iggy Bath), with the So Smart Music and Sounds dvd a close second,  (she calls this Elephant water on back).
 Her favorite movie, I would say "Zookeeper" (She calls this one Animals). Her favorite book is, "A View at the Zoo".
 Owl is her favorite stuffed animal with the elephant pillow pet and the rocking elephant a close second!
Her favorite toy is the Cozy Coupe and her Kitchen would be the second favorite. There are some things that gets her so excited, she gets this excited tone in her voice and will say, "LOOK MOMMY LOOK!! I still need to get that on video.

Monkey... she's walking and looks so big when she does. We celebrated her birthday on Dec 10th. She had a great time. She was very into her cake. Ladybug's birthday, Ladybug was real dainty with her cake, but not Monkey, (Ladybug got this from me, but she will say, "Monkey is grabby grabby, it comes out gabby gabby. LOL). But Monkey got her hands right in her cake! She tried to feed Daddy and smashed cake all over his face, it was all so cute. We lowered the high chair as close to the ground as it could go. Ladybug was helping her eat her smash cake too, it was all so awesome! Monkey was really interested in opening all of her presents!! Such a great day!

M took her first step the day after Thanksgiving and really didn't do much walking after that. But now she's up and walking quite a bit! She understands so much and is so smart. I can talk about putting lotion on and she rubs her hands together like she has some lotion on them. I can ask her what an elephant says and she throws her arm in the air like we do when we make the sound like a trumpeting elephant (sometimes she makes a sound and sometimes she doesn't, but she knows)! She says bye bye and waves, she says ma ma, da da and hi. She repeats sounds like La la la la, etc, She has amazing dexterity. She loves bath time and loves to stack and un-stack the cups/bath toys we have. She still likes to climb (although it has calmed down a bit) ... and she loves rocking on her Caterpillar and the rocking elephant. Oh and I can't forget her Rocking chair that she got for Christmas. She can climb in and out of it BUT she always sits in it backwards! She can rock easier in it that way. I always have to throw a pillow down behind her when she sits in it (fear of her falling over). But she loves it! She follows Ladybug around and wants all the toys Ladybug plays with (although this goes both ways). She loves to give us kisses and she even makes kissing noises. Her kiss is her leaning toward you with an open mouth! It one of the cutest things EVER!

I can't forget to mention HER monkey. We were in Kohl's one day and she reached out for this  monkey as we passed by it. I gave it to her to play with while we were in the store like I do lots of things and put them away before we leave. Well this monkey, she snuggled like nothing she's ever snuggled before, so I had to buy it. The thing about it was that it was big, but meant to be a Christmas Ornament. I had to re-sew the arms and legs to it. She would always squeeze the ball at the tip of it's nighty-night hat and once when I was washing it, it came off and I had to sew that back on too. I had to go back and get a second monkey just in case something happened to this one (because of it being a Christmas ornament, if something ever happened to it, I knew I wouldn't be able to find another one), so I went ahead and bought another one. I learned this lesson from already having to have had to buy another of Ladybugs Owl's. There isn't any other owl that she likes that this one!!!

The Monday before Christmas at 3:30 the three of us were taking a nap on the love seat and Monkey woke up kind of choking then started throwing up. She did this six times then laid her head down and went right back to sleep. I sat there for a second not knowing what to do. I knew if I woke them both up to clean us all up, everyone would be screaming. Daddy coudn't leave work and Mamaw was about to get off wk. I called her, she came over and poor Monkey was throwing up and dry heaving like crazy! At 10:30 that night Ladybug started doing the same. On Wednesday I started doing this, Thursday Daddy started. It was horrible! Took them both to the doctor Thursday, came to find out that Monkey also had ear infections in both ears. Poor thing and her first Christmas was just around the corner, not to mention her actual birthday (I'm glad we celebrated early!) From throwing up, to ear infections, straight to getting three teeth at the same time!!! She was in a great mood Christmas morning (which is what I wanted)! But from Christmas afternoon even until today (new years eve), she's still really fussy (I say teething is evil!) I hope this is over soon.

I almost forgot, The Friday before Christmas I was explaining to Ladybug the meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. At the end I would tell her this and she would repeat it word for word. We would say, "Christmas is Jesus Birthday"... she would repeat this. Then I would say, Ok, so who's birthday is it, and she would point to herself and say, "Ladybug's". LOL I thought it was so funny!!

All the things that have happened this year, all of the changes, growing and learning these girls have done has been totally unbelievable! Being able to be with them everyday and watching every little thing, seeing the changes, I just can't describe the what it all makes me feel. My husband is amazing and words can't explain what a good Daddy he is! I'm so glad I'm sharing all of this with him and I can NOT ever thank him enough for giving me the GIFT of being able to stay home with these girls everyday. I never thought I would want to be a stay at home mommy, but I seriously wouldn't want anything else! I can't imaging anything else! He is amazing, they are amazing and beautiful and my life, all the good times, bad times, fussy times, funny times, all of it is such a blessing and a gift to me. I love my life and I love my little family!
I'm ending this blog entry at 11:30 pm on New Years Eve. Going to watch the ball drop with Daddy who is laying on the couch snuggling a sleeping Monkey, then eventually I'm going to Lay down with Ladybug, give her a kiss and fall asleep as happy and content as I could ever possibly be!!!
Happy New Year!

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