Thursday, February 21, 2013

There's things I want to share...

I started a blog quite some time ago. I called it my baby journal. I wanted to have a place where I could have everything written down, when my girls are grown and out of the house, I could read and read remembering when they were little!
One of my biggest quirks is that I'm so funny about having pictures of my girls online. Ok, so I don't have to post pictures. Then there are their names, why does it matter? I'm not quite really sure why I feel like I need to keep this private. But it just makes me feel better! In this blog, you will read stories of our days, places we go, things we do, and things that I just love that my babies do!
I am married to an incredible man, who is also an amazing Daddy. In my stories, I will call him Daddy. My oldest was born February 22, 2010, I will call her L or Ladybug. My youngest was born December 29, 2010, I will call her M or Monkey.
I have gotten so many ideas from the wonderful moms I have gotten to know on twitter! Like writing our birth stories (which I am working on), that I can do this (write this blog and still be private about it, nicknames), and more than anything, THAT I HAVE THINGS THAT I WANT TO SHARE.
As I write this, both of my girls are 2 years old. L will be 3 tomorrow. There are lots of things that I would like to share. I will go back in my private blog and copy posts over to catch things up to the present time. I may do that before I start posting current things that are happening. This, I am undecided on, as a lot of things are happening with my girls right now!
Now, I'm off to bake cupcakes for our L's birthday play date tomorrow.

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