Friday, February 22, 2013


Tantrums ... This is new for us!

January 29, 2013

Today was, I think the 3rd of L's ultimate tantrums!

 The first one happened in the women's family locker room at the YMCA. We were in the shower area changing our clothes. L already didn't want to leave, then on top of that, she became frustrated with the shirt she was trying to put on. She asked for my help and as I was attempting to help her, she began to yell, "Mommy don't touch me! Don't touch me Mommy!" When I would stop and not "help her", she would get upset because I wasn't doing anything! I was in a no win situation! There was no calming her! Normally I can talk her down from these moments. But not this time. I was afraid someone was going to some "Check on us" ... I had to walk out of the shower stall. I tried to call Daddy to see if he could try to talk to her ... he was at work and not able to answer. I went back into the shower because her screams turned into "Don't leave me Mommy" ... She was totally naked with her shirt half way on. I tried to help again and things got worse. There was another mom that came over. She tried to comfort me with what was happening. She was like an angel! Telling me that she had been there, etc. She asked if I wanted help. I needed help. It wasn't working at first. But with a little bit of time, this woman, Mrs. Runkle, was able to distract L with her cell phone and pictures of her kids while I got her dressed. This was horrible. At one point, I thought I was going to cry. There hasn't been many situations that has come up with these girls that I have felt like this.

A couple of nights ago, this happened once again. It was about 11:00 pm. She was so sleepy. Yelling "Hold me Mommy!" One second pushing my hands away and the next, she would be wrapping my arms around her telling me to hold her. She wasn't feeling good ... was it that? Or was this a tantrum. Either way, this was the milder one of the bunch.

That brings us back to today.... We woke up this morning, had breakfast, did our calendar, baked some banana bread and got ready to do to the zoo. We had a play date there and it was great! The girls were wonderful on the play ground. Following directions. Just listening so good. Interacting with the other kids! It was awesome. THEN IT WAS TIME TO LEAVE ... L did not want to leave at all! She was so tired! Borderline not feeling well. She has been complaining of a sore throat for the last few days (but overall seemed fine. The other mom knew this by the way)... She whined and cried the whole way out of the zoo. THEN WHEN WE GOT IN THE CAR ... the kicking started. She kicked the back of the passenger seat so much and so hard that she made her sneakers come off. Of course she fell asleep when we were less than 5 minutes from the house. I was seriously dreading waking her up. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty ... and it wasn't.

She came into the house kicking and screaming. I went to the bathroom and she kicked and screamed in the hallway the whole time. She wanted me to hold her but she didn't want M in my lap at the same time. M was just as fussy, although not as dramatic! I tried to get her to talk to Daddy on the phone, that didn't work. I tried to get her to talk to Mamaw on the phone. She did for a second, then made it very clear that she didn't want to talk on the phone. THEN SHE PICKED UP HER BABY DOLL AND HER LAPTOP AND THREW THEM ... THREW THEM OFF THE COUCH. She threw them pretty far. Immediately I picked her up and took her to her room. I explained to her that the way she was acting was not okay. I told her that throwing ANYTHING is never okay! That she could hurt someone OR break her things ... and that was not how she wanted to treat her things. I told her that she had to sit there until she stopped yelling and screaming and she could act like A BIG KID!!! About 20 minutes or so went by and it was actually worse.

At this point I seriously thought that I was in a crazy house! M was sitting on the couch eating some raisins, then she began to yell at Monkey (her favorite stuffed animal), "Monkey don't eat my raisins" ... What the heck was going on with my littles? That was when I knew that the night was not going to get any better. It was time for bed. L kicked and screamed all through changing her clothes, going to the bathroom, and getting into bed! (They needed a bath, but that just wasn't happening). Neither of them had ever seen me be stern like this for such an extended period of time. I didn't raise my voice, but I was very matter of fact!

I felt a little bad, because I really do like snuggling in bed at night time every night BUT tonight  there wan't anything enjoyable about it! I just wanted them to be asleep! I don't like that. BUT I NEED TO GET A HOLD ON THESE TANTRUMS SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!

I really hope both of them get a good sleep tonight and we have a great time tomorrow with soccer and then day in general!

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