Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Trip To Starbucks For The Littles, Consignment and Stains

Saturday night while I was at shopping at Target, another mom and I started talking. She told me about a consignment sale that was in town, set up at a hotel not too far from our house. I had heard of them before, but this time, I thought I would check it out.. What could it hurt, right?

I called the hotel to see what time it was going to start, they told me 9 am (even though it was on a Sunday). L woke up early Sunday, I called the hotel again to double check the time (once again they said 9). I asked L if she wanted to go for a treat with me while Daddy and M slept a bit more. We got ready, left a note and headed to Starbucks. 

She was so excited! At that point, she had only ever been through the drive thru and she has only had cake pops and scones from there. Now she was on her way to get a cocoa (kids hot chocolate ... we don't call it hot chocolate because she will tell me she doesn't want something hot because it will burn her).

Words could not explain her excitement when she got her "cocoa" and it was in the same kind of cup as mine. Everyone that walked by us, she would look at them and say, "I'm drinking coffee!" She was so excited ... and you could tell, she felt so BIG!!

I let her choose a pastry (she didn't eat any of it)... and as our trip came to a close, I received a call from Daddy (I could hear M screaming in the background). M was so upset that she woke up and Mommy wasn't there. I felt bad and immediately said we could come back home to pick them up! It was quite impressive (with a little instruction) Daddy was able to get both of them ready by the time we got back home.

Off we went to the consignment sale. We walked in at 9:12, it wasn't open and didn't open until noon. What? I called twice! What were we going to do now?

Back to Starbucks we went! For M's first Starbucks experience and L's second within an hour and a half! Honestly, this was Daddy's first time sitting in Starbucks as well. It was quite an enjoyable morning. They chose two more pastries (and didn't eat those either) ... Cocoa was a hit, pastries not so much, and they both had cocoa stains down the front of their shirts (more on this later)! A quick trip to visit their Mamaw then we were off once again to the consignment sale.

Most things were half off (because it was the last day). I got several pairs of Gymboree shorts for L, 2 cute dresses for M a few shirts, some board puzzles and believe it or not, a big girl bike with training wheels. The bike was not part of the plan, but it was $20.00 and in great shape. We couldn't pass this up!

As I am writing this, it is now Tuesday afternoon and L learned how to ride her new bike this morning (in the house, it's snowing outside). She kissed her tricycle then asked me to put it away!

Now back to the stains. Immediately after getting home from the consignment sale I started a load of laundry. Of course I put their cocoa stained shirts in there, but the wash didn't take the stains out! While they were still wet, I used my old faithful (this takes ANY stain out)! I don't know what they put in it, but it's the Target brand hand soap (that we put in our soap dispensers in our bathroom). This stuff is amazing and with a little bit of scrubbing, has taken pretty much EVERY stain I've came across out of anything! If you haven't tried this, you definitely should!

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