Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Favorite Part of The Day...

I was reminded of this while reading another blog post one night last week.... While I was still pregnant a friend told me every night before bed to ask my little ones their favorite part and their least favorite part of the day. That this would open many doors to many conversations (and well, it was fun). It's popped into my mind from time to time, but I felt the girls were too young to "get it". Last week while I was reading another blog, they mentioned when they talked about their high/low of the day. After reading this, I knew this was the perfect time.

I'm so thankful for reading that and starting it when I did. L loves it! She brings it up many times a day. Early in the day she'll ask, "Mommy, what's your favorite part of the day so far?" I love that she likes this so much. The best part is when M is thinking of her reply, she makes the best facial expressions! (I really need to record this one day) 

I've worded it many different ways and the least confusing for them is favorite and least favorite part of the day. Although the last 2-3 days I can tell by M's responses that she is a little confused by the least favorite part of the day. Yesterday we had a few moments of clarification. So now I'll ask her what her least favorite part is, before she has a chance to answer, I'll remind her that her least favorite part is the part that she DID NOT LIKE from the day. I know she understands I'm asking her what part she didn't like. Because yesterday she told me the part about the geese. She tells me often that she doesn't like geese (every since the day the goose almost attacked us at the zoo). Today she "GOT IT!" 

I typically ask L first (well unless she beats me to it). She'll tell me her favorite and least favorite then SHE will ask M what her favorite part is. After we hear what M's favorite part is, I'll ask her in the way (the new way) she understands to tell us her least favorite... Then one or both of them will ask me mine.

Tonight was great. They were both snuggling with me right before we started doing this. M had just gotten off of my lap when I asked L. Her reply of her favorite part was "sitting there right then snuggling me" her least favorite was her tantrum at the Y. M's was playing with the balls in the pool and her least favorite was when L was crying. I love them and I love doing this with them everyday!!!


  1. I love that this is working out so well for you. There are many days this week where I've had to force myself to find a highlight of the day so I don't sit and stew about the low parts. I can't wait for my little girl to be a bit older so we can do it together.

  2. It has truly been a great addition to our day/night. If it slips my mind (this happened last night). L brought it up as we were laying there snuggling/falling asleep. It makes for very calm, sweet moments. Highly recommended for everyone!!