Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Most Stressful Pediatrician Appointment EVER!

M had been potty trained for a month now. Wearing big girl panties with only two accidents the first week and perfect all of the rest! She loves her pretty Tinkerbell big girl panties and of course, she wants to wear them to bed too. L went through this; her wearing her Minnie Mouse panties was big stuff and she also wanted to wear them at night. I am able to rationalize with them on why they can't do this right now. I explain that the day will come when they can wear these big girl panties 24 hours a day. They understand. L was fine with her nighttime pull-ups. BUT M, well I didn't anticipate the panties happening when they did, and I had just opened a box of diapers. The nighttime DIAPER for her wasn't good enough. For the first few weeks it was okay, but this past week, I thought she had just had enough!!

(I am leading up to this horrible, stressful appointment)

This past week (the whole week), starting right after her bath when I was getting her ready for bed (about to put on this nighttime diaper) she would start telling her "business" hurts. Throughout the week, I just thought she was just saying this because she didn't want to wear the diaper. She never said this throughout the day, NEVER! It did concern me. I would look at it, it was okay, I just knew it was the diapers. I would put her diaper on, then her pajamas and she would get upset about "this BIG diaper." I showed her that L's pull-up was also BIG and she this seemed to pacify her. 

This past Friday night/Saturday morning about 1:00 am, M woke up in a screaming fit! She was so unsettled and cried off and on for about 45 minutes. Was it her tummy, her teeth, did she have a bad dream? I couldn't tell ... I had no idea! This is about the time that she should be getting her 2 year molars but she wouldn't let me feel, see, give her Oragel or anything! A little bit into this, she started holding "her business," I asked her if she had to pee and her reply was, that it hurt. Eventually she peed. It didn't seem to bother her when she peed, but with as much as she was talking about this area hurting, I couldn't help but wonder if she had a UTI. She was up quite a bit longer and eventually got comfy snuggling with Mommy and fell back to sleep. 
(It didn't seem like the peeing was the issue)

The following morning, she woke up pretty fussy, then started the crying that her business hurt!! I looked at it really good, it seemed a bit red. I called our pediatrician. I'm so glad they have some hours on Saturday and Sunday for cases like these! Our appointment was at 11:30. Twenty minutes after I made her appointment, she told me her teeth were hurting, she let me check them and I could feel 2 of her molars coming through. I gave her some Oragel and she was a perfectly new kid! I was still taking her in to get checked. 

I knew they would want a urine sample so I had her drinking and drinking. In the waiting room she said she had to pee! This was good, right?? Well, they put the potty hat under the toilet seat to catch her urine. I sat her on, realized the potty hat wasn't sitting up where it should be; So without thinking I scooted it forward (while she was sitting there) and it pinched her leg. She let out the worst cry and that was the end of her sitting on that toilet! I felt horrible! We went back into the treatment room, I settled her down as they were bringing a potty chair in for her. 

I don't really know how to describe this potty and how it was, but the assistant didn't lift the lid and put the "bowl" under it, she just sat it on top. It sat down in the toilet (this is why I didn't notice it) but after awhile of sitting there, it started to hurt M. This poor girl had the worst ring around her bottom and on parts of her legs. Just to give you a visual, it looked like what a whipped cream container looks like sitting down in this potty. It was a medical thing, with lines for measurements, etc, it just wasn't put together properly. My poor baby, she was having such a hard time, just one thing after another!

Before this potty started to hurt her, she was having a good time sitting on the potty, Her, L and myself were singing, they brought them both a Popsicle, we were being silly and having fun while waiting for her to pee. But once she got that ring around her bottom and it started to hurt, she wasn't having any part of it. I tried to get her to sit back on the toilet and it was like trying to wrestle a wild animal.

Now the worst part of all of this, when the doctor initially came into our room, I told him that this appointment was probably all for nothing! I gave him the pantie/diaper background. I told him about the teething. (I said, I thought, even though I have over half a box of diapers left, I should bite the bullet and buy some pull-ups for her), but since she had been complaining all week (even though only at night once I put her diaper on), especially after the episode in the middle of the previous night and the way she woke up that morning, that I should have her looked at! He agreed that I did the right thing bringing her in (although he was being pretty candid about some of it). The doctor examined her and said everything look okay, just slight irritation (she does have sensitive skin and I did give her a bubble bath toward the end of the previous week, I know, not the smartest decision). But he still would like to get a urine sample with all of the complaining from her... just to be sure. I had no idea how I was going to make this happen!!

The assistant recommended that I sit her on the toilet, for me to reach around behind her and hold the cup under her. SERIOUSLY?!?!? But I really didn't see any other option. They had already mentioned a catheter and that wasn't happening! It was hard enough getting her to let the doctor look at her. I believe what he said was, "You are incredibly strong. I am proud of how strong you are" Non of it made sense lol but I believe he was just at a loss of words for how hard it was to get the look he was finally able to get. SHE IS ONE STRONG BABY!

I already felt so gross. I used to work in a hospital and I know how dirty hospital floors and doctor office floors really are! During this appointment I sat on the floor of their bathroom while she hugged me AND I sat on the floor in the exam room of the doctor's office because M wanted my arm around her... and there I sat once again on the floor of the bathroom with my arm in the toilet holding a specimen cup under my crying M. She had her arms around me so tight. L was sitting so good on the stool talking a mile a minute (but she was being so good through it all). I was just praying for some pee to come. 12:30 nothing. 12:35 nothing! The office closed at 1:00. My husband was on speaker trying to help us but nothing was working. She asked me to sing, I think it may have relaxed her. There came the pee all over my hand. YUCK!! But I managed to get some in the cup.

NO UTI. We left the office, went to Target to get pull-ups and as we were on our way into the store M got the biggest smile on her face (she knew we were going in to buy pull-ups) ... she looked at me with the biggest smile as I pushed them in the cart and said, "My business doesn't hurt anymore. It's all better!!"

I'm glad I got her checked out, it would've been horrible if something was wrong and I just blew it off thinking it was because of these pull-ups. But I think I got scammed by my 2 year old.   

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