Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Computer time...

Computer time is something I have recently started doing with both girls. At this point, M loses interest  pretty quickly. Recently we started getting on and both girls love it; L more so than M. I now know the types of activities on there that keep M's attention. 

Yesterday we registered for 13 months on and I'm so glad we did it. L loves it and gets so excited to sit down for computer time (which we sit down and do together)! Tonight I was able to sit down and explore the website a bit more in depth. Instead of following the lesson plan they make up, I am able to make my own for M. While she is at the age she is, I think this is great to be able to do to entice her and get her and keep her interested. So, that's what I did for her. I'm excited to see how it goes with her tomorrow. L on the other hand is following her lesson plan and very interested in it all!!! 

I am very excited about this; As we are only a day into it. I hope to sit down everyday for a little bit of computer time (in addition to the other things we are doing) and see there this takes!!

I am interested if anyone else has used this website and any tips you may have! Any other computer based programs that you have used/liked/disliked. Not that I want to do everything on the computer. (This is a small part that I am incorporating into our day). I would love your input on this! 


  1. We love Abc in our home! My daughter is going onto 2, so we go onto the toddler time area on the site. That's wonderful that you are trying to have some computer time with your little ones. :)

  2. Since I originally wrote this, I had to change how we did it. Having computer time with both of them everyday seemed to take up our WHOLE day. Actually, a good chunk of it anyway! We do it a few times a week and they take turns with a few lessons, BUT they both participate throughout this time. :) Computer time is a good thing that they very much look forward to!