Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Their FIRST Play: Welcome to Pooh Corner

When my husband and I made the decision to homeschool, one of my concerns was that I wanted the girls to be exposed to the theater. I was so happy when I found the homeschool field trip group that we've since joined!

Today was our second field trip. A small production of Welcome to Pooh Corner. A play. Something that was so magical for me when I was younger (and still today)! I have told so many stories to the girls over the last several days getting them ready for today! I think I was just as excited (if not more) as the girls were for this field trip! 

Cute tops, cute shirts, pretty bows in their hair... we were ready to go! I plugged the address into the GPS and off we went. Lots of singing songs and non stop talking in the car on the way. It was a 30 minute drive and as we were getting off the interstate, the excitement escalated! The GPS, Maxine (as we have named the talking computer) told me to turn right. I did, and she proceeded to say, "drive 50' and make a U-turn". What? I know I heard her right! She said turn right. I thought! Well maybe the girls were talking and I heard wrong. I turned around in the shopping center and started to drive the opposite way. Then we heard Maxine say, "Drive 50' and make a U-turn." What? I pulled back into the the same shopping center and thought maybe this place could have been tucked behind it OR SOMETHING??? Finally as I was driving around the shopping center I saw a police and I stopped to ask directions. He was telling me one way, then another, then changed his mind back to the first way. Then he said, "Just follow me!" The girls thought this was the coolest thing. They kept saying, "The police is following us to our field trip! We have to tell Daddy!" I kept trying to correct them without dampening their excitement. NO! WE ARE FOLLOWING THE POLICE! The police isn't following us. LOL We had a police escort!

Once inside, we had to wait in the lobby for a bit! I thought they were going to explode with excitement. L looked at one of the people welcoming guests inside and said, "I've waited Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and now it's Wednesday, IT'S THE DAY!!" So cute! 

Once we were ushered to our seats there were so many questions! About the stage, the lights, the smell (normal theater smell to me)... I was loving it. THEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT. L said, "I can't see the stage anymore!" As I started to explain that the play was beginning, off to the corner the spotlight was shining on a little boy sitting at a toy chest pulling one toy out after another, hugging each one. The music was so soft and sweet and the look on L's face was magical! As crazy as this sounds, I saw the magic on her face, in her eyes and I FELT IT INSIDE! A few tears fell (from my eyes LOL) I COULD SEE IT IN HER FACE, SHE FELT THE MAGIC TOO!! 

She had some questions, like 15 minutes in, when ALL of the actors were in the middle of their scene and she looks at me and asks, "When is Winnie-the-Pooh coming out?" I had tried to explain to her the idea of actors, etc before we got there, all week actually! But it's hard when she really doesn't watch anything that has actors in it. We watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc Mcstuffins, Team Umizoomi, and Sofia The First. They aren't really into movies yet. A few here and there. So Winnie-the-Pooh was an older man in a long sleeve yellow shirt, yellow pants, red sweater, and a black hat that had 2 small yellow pompoms sewn on it for ears. I explained the characters and she watched the entire show like IT WAS MAGICAL!

M on the other hand, did pretty good, she wasn't as interested. But as we went to sleep tonight, she said going to the play was her favorite part of the day! They both said that and it made me smile! 

We have another field trip planned next month, also a play! M told me that she didn't like it today, but she wants to go back. L can't wait to see another one! Of course, I'm excited! 

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